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Photo Gallery

Sierras in June (2011) Sierras in June (2011) Jeffrey Pine 147477022 Jeffery Pines Campsite 147477025 View down West face of Cloudripper Mt. 147477018 View from Cloudripper 147477023 Mt. Goode from Chocolate Mt. 147477012 Bishop Creek Drainage 147477013 Chocolate Mt 147477024 Approach to Mt. Dade 147477014 Approach to Mt. Dade 147477021 Climber below Ruby Wall 147477016 N Face of Mt. Dade 147477030 North Face of Mt. Dade 147477017 Climbing N Face of Mt. Dade 147477019 2/3 up North Face of Mt. Dade 147477020 Summit Ridge of Mt. Dade 147477027 147477028