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About Us

We specialize in travel books, nature guides, maps, apparel, travel & outdoor equipment.

Meet the people behind Travel & Nature.

Meet the Team

Rob Garneau


Hi! I'm Rob Garneau, the owner of Travel & Nature. Travel & Nature opened its doors on April 22nd (Earth Day), 1990. Our goal has been simple: to provide people with everything they need for travel adventures near and far. My staff and I work to convey our zest for travel and love of the natural world into the business through the relationships we form with our customers. We pride ourselves on the fact we have visited many of the places our customers plan to visit and therefore can often provide firsthand information before their departure. After visiting all 50 states and close to 50 countries on 6 continents, we are still as excited about our next trip as we were when we started the business. We love hearing trip reports from our customers!